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Ready to conserve water and save money? Start now by registering for the MeterSave program and you'll receive a free water meter installed by the Chicago Department of Water Management. On average, single family homeowners with water meters save 25% on their water bills and two-flat owners can save even more. There is a 7-year guarantee that your bill will not be higher than it was without a meter!

Example of a single family water bill
It’s easy to register for a completely free water meter, and participating in the program will entitle you to:
  • Indoor or Outdoor water conservation kit
  • Water testing before and after water meter installation
  • A personalized profile of your home’s water
  • A free water pitcher and six filter cartridges (NSF-certified to reduce lead, if present)

All you have to do is agree to have your water tested before and after your water meter installation and sign a consent form.

After you have registered, the next steps:

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First Water Samples Collected

You can click here to schedule your free meter installation or a representative will call you after your initial water sample has been collected.
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Water Meter Installation

After your first water test is completed, you can go to www.metersave.org or call (888) 517-8883 to schedule your free DWM water meter installation. The installers will give you a free water pitcher and six filters NSF-certified to remove lead.
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Final Water Samples Collected

After your meter is installed, if you haven’t already, you will be contacted to schedule your final water test.
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Water Sample Results

You will be provided with the water test results via a letter in the mail.

If your home water tests over the benchmark level for lead, the DWM will schedule a visit to retest your water and inspect your home water system to investigate possible contributing factors and recommend an action plan for you.
We will only come to your home by appointment and all of our personnel carry DWM identification.
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