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I want to commend the two gentlemen John and Dominick who installed my water meter on this snowy freezing day. They were on time and faced with a more complicated installation - needed to cut pipes to install. They were professional, friendly, efficient, and explained each process as they worked. I wish the other utilities service personnel were like John and Dominick. Kudos to them! I can't wait to see my savings. Two thumbs up for the great job and service!
- Patricia, Two flat home, From Albany Park

Installation was professionally and efficiently done. We are getting great service and I truly believe we're saving money on our water bill.
- David, Single home owner, From Albany Park

I had my meter put in on Jan. 18, 2012. The 2 installers Bernard L. and Joe P. were great. They were on time and the entire installation only took about an hour and 15 minutes. They explained everything clearly to me and I received the indoor water conservation kit. They explained how to use and install everything in the kit. Also, they were friendly and professional. I will reevaluate again after I get my first bill. What's nice is that the scanner is installed so the meter reader can scan from outside the house for billing.
- Annette, Single home owner, # of people living at home 2, From Archer Heights

Your installers Bernard and Mark were prompt, courteous, and above all very informative in their step-by-step explanation as they did their meter installation. Not only were they skilled installers but super friendly. I have nothing negative to say about your personnel. I trust that by having this water meter installed I will in fact see a reduced water bill. Keep up the good work and continue to make Chicago The City That Works.
- Zonda, Single home owner, From Back of the Yards

The installation is hasslefree and as emptynesters it is already clear that metering will reduce our water bill.
- Richard, # of people living at home 2, From Beverly

The workers who installed my meter did a wonderful job. Clean and good looking in a finished basement. My water bill went from $253.85 to a credit of $87.84 If you don't water your lawn every day you should get the meter. If you water your lawn every day you should think about what you are doing.
- James, Single home owner, Senior, From Beverly

I heard about the MeterSave program last year and initially found out it was only for select areas. I jumped at the opportunity when it became available for others to sign up. For a family of two my water bill is ridiculous. My last bill was 27700 and theres no way I use that much water. I cant wait to get my next bill because I am confident there will be a significant savings there. The gentlemen that came to my house were knowledgeable and professional. They were in and out in no time and arrived within my scheduled time. Kudos to the City of Chicago for this wonderful program. With the economy the way it is everyone is looking for ways to save
- Tracy, Single home owner, From Chatham

My meter was installed on April 27, 2010. I paid my last City bill of $196.20 in May 2010. My average water usage has been $26.00 every two months. I have not had to pay the water bill since my payment of $196.20 My usage of water did not change after the install of the meter but the money I saved did. I am so happy I am on a meter. I am finally going to have to pay for my water usage when I get the bill in March 2012. I have told my neighbors and those that have had the meter installed have also seen the savings.
- Daniel, Single home owner, From Chicago Lawn

Please accept my 5 star rating of the service Simpson gave while installing the water meter in my home. Please also forward the approved rating to his superiors. While in my home on April 5, 2010 the installation was completed to help my home, the work was excellent. He was prompt, a good fit in keeping my home. Positive, professional work was shown in all areas. Good service being hard to find he was a gift. Thanks. Hail Simpson!
- Cynthia, Single home owner, From Chicago Lawn

I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program. I'm saving so much money! I'm so grateful for this program because we need to save in whatever way possible especially with the way things are in the economy right now.
- Gabriela, Two flat home, # of people living at home 3, From Clearing

I signed up for the Metersave program online a couple of months ago. I setup an appointment and waited for the employees from the Department of Water Management to come to my home. A few weeks ago Bernard L.and Joe D. came to my house to install the meter. I wanted you to know that installing a meter is just what it is - installing a meter. What make an experience more than just what you ordered? It is the person who adds the extra level of kindness, takes the time to explain what is going on, extreme professionalism, makes sure that I am at ease, and explains the program to me. I was provided with excellent service and I truly appreciate it. In these times when things are so tough in the city it is great to know that great people work for me and work hard. I told others who are not on the meter to get on to to get into the program as soon as possible.
- K, Two flat home, From Cragin

I love saving money on my water bill plus more awareness of water usage which is good for conservation.
- eileen, Single home owner, # of people living at home 3, From East Side

Bernard L. and Gary K. were great installers. They called and said they were a little ahead of schedule which worked out great for me. They did a very good job of installing everything and it looks very professional. My estimated bills for not having a meter were getting very high so I decided to have a meter installed. Glad I did I know from talking to people on the meter I will cut my water bills in half. Thank you again Gary and Bernard!
- Daniel, Single home owner, From East Side

We've had our meter for eight months now and our water bill is a third of what we would have paid with a non-metered bill! Getting a meter is one of the smartest things we've ever done.
- Mary Ellyn & Ron, Single home owner, Senior, # of people living at home 2, From Edgebrook

My meter was installed today and the process was really great. Benard, Gary, and Clarence did a clean fast and efficient job. In addition to this they were very nice and respectable toward our home. They should be commended.
- Henry, Senior, From Englewood

I can't believe how much green you could save with the MeterSave program and I am not only referring to money! Since installing the meter, I have become more conscious in regards to the use of our natural resources - water. This program is beneficial to both our pockets but especially to our environment. No matter how you look at it it's always a win win situation for all.
- Miguel A, Single home owner, # of people living at home 4, From Gage Park

Mr. L. and Mr. H. were timely with arriving for the appointment which was wonderful. They did more work than what they were required to do to: install the water meter into my older and unique home. Overall a great experience. I hope to see the cost benefits of metered water billing.
- Jeffrey, Single home owner, # of people living at home 2, From Garfield Ridge

The two gentlemen who installed my meter did a great job considering the tight quarters they had to work with. I have a finished basement and my biggest concern was the amount of wall that would have to be removed. The end result is re-taping and painting a piece of drywall roughly 12" x 18". Job well done!
- Jim, Single home owner, From Garfield Ridge

My new water meter was installed on 11-15-11 and the technicians who installed it did a WONDERFUL job. I called for an appointment on 11-14-11 and they were able to get me scheduled right away. The technicians arrived within their allotted time window and were professional and courteous. They explained what was going to be done and to my surprise went above and beyond what was expected. I am very pleased with their work and am looking forward now to a cheaper water bill. The gift at the end for enrolling in this program was totally unexpected and was the icing on the cake. Thanks again for my new Water Meter!
- Blanca, Single home owner, From Garfield Ridge

The 2 men that had come to install our water meter were exceptional. They were right on time, very informative as to what they needed to do, said exactly how long it would take, and just very pleasant. All the questions we had were answered. Overall we were very pleased with their performance!
- Gene, Single home owner, From Garfield Ridge

The installer called to say he was ahead of schedule which was great. He was quick polite and efficient in installing the meter. Now I need to know how to get my free rainbarrel.
- Suzanne, Single home owner, From Hyde Park

Installing a water meter was painless and now we can track how much water we use. The installation team came on time and were pleasant and well versed in all aspects of the metersave program. They taught me how to read my water bill and my water meter.
- Julia, Single home owner, # of people living at home 4, From Irving Park

I have noticed a savings on my water bills. The process was easy and installatrion crew very professional.
- Jim, Single home owner, From Jefferson Park

I just had my meter installed yesterday and wanted to extend my compliments to the two gentlemen who did the installation. They arrived on time were very friendly and professional and completed the installation in less than an hour. They gave clear explanations as to what they were doing and answered my questions thoughtfully. The workmanship was also of high quality. Great service!
- Christopher, Single home owner, # of people living at home 2, From Logan Square

Signing up for the MeterSave program was one of the smartest things I've done since moving to the neighborhood eight years ago. I saved several hundred dollars this year alone. The installation took next to no time at all and I havent had a problem since they installed it many months ago. The monthly bills are ridiculously low. It's not often you see your costs go down today. I think its a great idea. The program encourages me to conserve water and I know that I'm being charged only for what I use. Thanks so much Dept of Water.
- Michelle, Single home owner, From Mayfair

The meter installation was basically painless due to the professionalism and punctuality of the installers. Nice job. Surprisingly, this meter has made me think every time I turn the faucet on for whatever reason. I just cant wait to see my first usage bill. When I do I'll send an update.
- Terry, Single home owner, From Morgan Park

The guys that put our water meter in worked VERY fast. They finished in under an hour and I could not believe it only took that long. They also made sure my house had no leaks. Thank you for sending such nice and efficient city workers. They are the best. I can not wait to save on my water bill and only pay for our household.
- Kari, # of people living at home 4, From Mount Greenwood

Switching to metered service was troublefree and it cut our water bills in half. Highly recommended.
- Kevin, # of people living at home 2, From North Center

The installers were on time courteous and cleaned up perfectly. I am so happy that I participated AND I'm saving money.
- Robyn, Single home owner, From North Mayfair

Our bills have gone way down. Its great to be metered and only be paying for our actual usage.
- Susan, # of people living at home 2, From North Mayfair

The water meter was neatly and professionally installed on my schedule and we're now saving over 50% on our water bills.
- John, # of people living at home 2, From North Park

I had my meter installed at the end of the summer. I was totally satisfied with the installation and I'm paying a lot less each month for water. Most importantly it has made me aware of my water usage. Having a meter installed is one more little thing I can do to help save the Earth.
- Linda, # of people living at home 2, From North Park

Changing to the meter process was very easy. I scheduled an appointment, they arrived on time, the installation was under 2 hours, and the savings in the first bill was substantial. It's a great way to pay for exactly what you're using and at the same time it's environmentally friendly.
- Celeste, Single home owner, From Old Irving Park

Since installation our water bill is averaging about $15 a month which would be $180 a year. This is a huge saving and it makes us more aware of wasting water when cleaning teeth, washing dishes, etc. We have even installed a new dual flush toilet adapter to help conserve more water. I would recommend installation to anyone. Without changing habits you could save over 50% on the yearly costs for water. And once you have installed you will probably become more aware of water usage and save even more.
- Philip, Single home owner, # of people living at home 4, From Old Irving Park

TOTALLY PAINLESS. It took less than a hour to install The guys were professional clean and precise. Now lets see if it saves me money. I would definitely recommend you take this step in helping the environment.
- Patti, Single home owner, From Portage Park

I love that I pay for what I use not pay my share of what everyone uses. I now tend to turn off my faucet when I'm brushing my teeth and everyone benefits from that.
- Jacek, Single home owner, From Portage Park

Installation team was very professional and done with very little interruption.
- Mario, Single home owner, # of people living at home 2, From Portage Park

The installation of the meter was quick. The installers called that morning to say when they would arrive at our home. They arrived promptly with ID and vest. There was no mess and they were extremely courteous. Everything was explained and our questions were answered.
- Brian , # of people living at home 5, From Ravenswood Gardens

Save money and water!
- jenny, Single home owner, From Rogers Park

We are very pleased with the Metersave program. For starters the installation was performed efficiently and conveniently. So far we are saving money using less water than we would be charged for under the old system. And, with a 7 year guarantee to not be charged more its a real win-win situation. In addition, knowing we have a meter in our basement we have become more aware of how much water we use. Its so easy to take our water supply for granted and this program is making us more environmentally aware of this precious resource. In summary, the Metersave program is easy, economical, and environmentally friendly. Everyone should sign up.
- Pamela & Charles, Single home owner, From Sauganash

I was skeptical at first but since we've had the meter installed, we've been charged only what we've used. No regrets so far!
- Ricky, Single home owner, From South Austin

I want to thank the guys and the water department for an excellent team of workers that came out to install my meter. They were on time and did an exceptional job on explaining everything to me. Keep up the great work guys.
- Oscar, Two flat home, From South Shore

I want to thank the water dept for an excellent staff of workers that came out to install my water meter. They were professional, on time, and informed me on everything that was being done. GREAT JOB Bernard L. and Joe P! THANK YOU!
- Oscar, Two flat home, From South Shore

I must admit that I was a nonbeliever in the program but I thought to myself lets give it a try after reading other testimonials. Well, let me be the first to say that if you don't have a meter you certainly should get one. My first bill was two hundred and thirty one pennies! I've told all my friends and they are now signing up to get their meter as well. Thank you Chicago for recommending that we all get meters!
- Barbara, Single home owner, From Washington Heights

- Linda, Single home owner, From West Beverly

The decision to have a water meter installed was the best one I ever made. It is unfortunate this plan did not exist many years ago. The men who installed the meter were very courteous and professional. They explained the function and benefits of the meter and showed me how to check the meter regularly to see if there were any leaks. The savings since installation are magnificent. When the first bill came after 3 months it was $5.59. My wife could not believe it. I certainly endorse and recommend that all my neighbors have a water meter installed. Thanks for the savings.
- John, Senior, # of people living at home 2, From West Beverly

I thought it was going to be more difficult but it was a fast and easy service and DWM employees were polite.
- Pedro, Single home owner, From West Elsdon

I am happy to say that I have a water meter that is helping me watch my water use and save money at the same time. The installation was quick and the workmen professional. I would recommend this to everyone.
- Elizabeth, Single home owner

The meter installation was quick and the installers checked for any evidence of leaks in the house. Now I'm only paying for the water my two flat is using, no more estimated bills. This helps my overall saving.
- Erik, # of people living at home 4

It is so nice to receive a bill with a credit on it for once. Since the meter was installed last year we have not had to pay anything. The installation was so quick. The credit is nice and you are doing something good for the environment.
- Pat, # of people living at home 2

We are very pleased with the MeterSave Program. This program has allowed us to only pay for the water we use and also be more mindful of our water use. Before signing up we had no idea how much water our household used per year. After signing up we not only are aware of it but we also take some small simple steps to reduce our usage and thus conserve water and save. We had a home made rain barrel before to help with watering our garden but with this program we chose the free water barrel and now have a much nicer one with a tap on the bottom to make garden watering much easier. We highly recommend this program to our neighbors. In closing we look like we are reducing our annual water and sewer bill from $500 per year to less then $200 per year. Thats a great savings.
- Terry & Scott , Single home owner

The meter installation was quick and painless. The installers were punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Plus, I got a new rain barrel out of the deal. Looking forward to some savings on the bills.
- Maurice, Single home owner

I am very happy with the installation of the water meter. My water bill is 1/2 of what it used to be. I would recommend everyone to have 1 installed.
- Starr, Single home owner, Senior

I completely recommend this program and have recommended it to several friends. The installation was quick and professional as well as the guys who came out to my house to do the work. They were polite and very personable (older ladies like that -smile) PLUS they give you a gift of your choice!! The meter has made a significant difference in my bill, the initial bill after the installation was $57 in January, it was 200 plus on my December bill, and my March bill is $8.04 which I paid over the telephone. No charge for that service. It is a win-win situation!
- Patricia, Single home owner

The MeterSave Program is excellent. The plumbers that came out were proffessional, highly skilled, courteous, and union. They went above and beyond my expectations to install the meter in the tight space where the water comes in the basement. Good Job guys.
- Dan, # of people living at home 4

We are satisfied with the installation and are now saving water and money on our water bill. Volunteering for a meter is easy.
- Donald, Senior, # of people living at home 2

The MeterSave Program is wonderful. It was easy to apply for and very fast. The guys who came to install our new meter were quick courteous and they did a nice clean job. We started to save money immediately and in addition to a rain barrel we bought from the city now we have a second one to water our garden. We are really happy with our desision to volunteer.
- Barbara, # of people living at home 4

I'm so glad I changed to a meter. I've saved money and it makes me more aware of my water usage.
- Barbara, Single home owner

I'm so happy that I had a water meter installed. I have saved money and at this time when you don't have a full time job it sure does help. The workers came out on time and did a very good job and they were very fast. Only took about hour or less. And, I also received a free gift what a deal.
- JoAnn, Senior

We recently had our metered installed and its GREAT. I'm telling everyone I know about this program. We have saved so much on our water bill. Its unbelieveable.
- Sherryl, # of people living at home 2

The installers did a great job. It was neat and efficient. We are happy with the significant savings on our bill.
- John, Single home owner, Senior

We have been able to save a substantial amount of money since we have the water meter installed.
- Wayne, # of people living at home 3

Our water payments have been significantly reduced since getting a meter. The installation was no trouble at all. And, it took only a little time.
- Bob, # of people living at home 2

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