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This really is an useful program.
- Teresa, Single family home

I have definitely saved money since having my meter installed.
- Matthew, Single family home

The installers were professional and punctual. It took a short period of time and the installers explained how the meter worked. I have definitely saved money on my water bill.
- Belinda, Single family home

Having water use metered has saved us a lot. In fact we didnt have a bill for several months because we started out with a credit balance. Now we pay only for what we use and being metered and getting a bill every two months lets us monitor how much water we use better which is important with water rates going through the roof.
- Terry, Single family home

Installation was efficient a little more than one hour. It comes with a gift and I especially liked that they offered a nice cover for the wall all free of charge. By private contractor. Excellent.
- Michael, Single family home

This program is amazing. The installers were kind and professional. In the future we dont have to worry about waiting for a meter reader - take note gas company. I am really excited to install all our free goodies and start saving even more water. There are few times when you really feel great about government but this is an unqualified good. Every resident should take advantage of this program.
- Kathleen, Single family home

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