To have a complete understanding of what it takes to protect water quality, the City of Chicago commissioned Chicago’s Water Quality Study in 2016 to investigate the possible impact on drinking water of installing water mains or water meters. With thousands of participants, this is the biggest study of its kind ever conducted.

Recent results from the Study show that water main construction causes no significant increase in residential lead levels. However, a small sample size of homes that have had a water meter installed have shown elevated lead levels. In some cases, these elevated levels have put those residences over the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) benchmark level for lead of 15 parts per billion for drinking water. This is why we are offering, a free water pitcher and six filters that are NSF-certified to reduce lead, if any is present.

The vast majority of Chicago homes test below the EPA’s benchmark level for lead. In the event that your home tests over that level, the Department of Water Management will send out a sanitary engineer, a plumber and an electrician to investigate possible contributing factors and create a customized set of recommendations for you to bring the level down.

For more information on Chicago’s Water Quality Study, visit www.chicagowaterquality.org

If you want your water tested but do not want a water meter, you can register for one at www.chicagowaterquality.org
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